Georgia Weapons Training Course

  • Introduction: General Information and Safety Goals​
  • Knowing your weapon and ammunition
  • Knowing your limitations
  • Handling your weapon safely
  • Federal and State laws, including regulations
  • Active shooter situations and training
  • Homeland Security information and its history
  • How to safely carry and handle your weapon concealed and in the open
  • Video on how NOT to shoot a weapon
  • Laws on when and where you can use and carry your weapon
  • How to target and sight your weapon
  • Range rules and regulations pertaining to safety
  • How to break down and clean your weapon


$100/day per student for groups of 4 to 6 people

$150/day for one-on-one training

NOTE: All range costs are paid by the student

Gun Range Training

Armed guard training at Autrey's Armory in Fayetteville, GA