Our Team

Bruce T. Nilsson

Founder and CEO / Investigator / Detective

Mr. Nilsson has over 50 years’ experience in retail loss prevention upper management. He was the Senior Loss Prevention Executive in the southern region for Kmart Corporation, responsible for the operations and security for 78 to 450 units within the southern states. Mr. Nilsson developed all major loss prevention programs pertaining to internal and external theft investigations and developed all operational and loss prevention procedures. In all assignments, he had the lowest waste in his stores and held, year after year, the highest total profit average. His positive team management, investigation style, and training techniques created some of the best loss prevention professionals in the industry.

One of his major successes was building the loss prevention program into a positive proactive department for his stores. His “labor of love” with his profession was borne while assigned as an interviewer for the National Security Agency while serving in the USMC. From there, he began his law enforcement career in south Florida. His expertise developed into a leadership role as a trainer for new officers and as a firearms range instructor. He continues that role as a certified State of Georgia classroom and firearms instructor.

Mr. Nilsson’s distinguished career includes his role as a Senior Corporate Internal Investigator with Bugle Boy, assigned to the eastern half of the United States. Later, he was a Senior Corporate Consultant/Investigator/Trainer and the Lead Forensic Interviewer for Cencio Solutions Corporation, servicing clients domestic and abroad.

In 2002, Mr. Nilsson started his own investigation company, and in 2007, he founded NTA Investigations and holds the position of CEO.

Mr. Nilsson is a leader in this ever-changing industry and continues to contribute his time and experience to its future. As he repeats in his training seminars: “The key to success is positive, pro-active communication and training.”

Mr. Nilsson's contact info can be found here.

Ralph J. Anderson

CFO / Director of Investigations / Licensee / Investigator / Detective

Ralph Anderson is one of the foremost internal investigators in the retail and industrial security industry. His expertise and interviewing skills are a work of art. He has completed John Reid, John Reid Advanced and Wicklander and Wicklander Advanced School of Interviewing and Interrogation. He has been an expert in this ever-changing industry for over thirty-eight years and is continuing to use his experience to improve the industry.

Mr. Anderson’s positive case management style will increase your bottom line profit and your productivity. He started his public and private law enforcement career while serving in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer receiving incident calls while on patrol and then investigating such calls.

After successfully completing his military assignment with the 515th Military Police Company, Fort Lee, Virginia, he followed his chosen career field by joining the loss prevention department with Kmart Corporation. After two years as a store loss prevention manager, and three years as the supervisor of the southern regional strike force (a six-state internal and external investigation team), Mr. Anderson was promoted to Loss Prevention District Manager. He was one of the top internal investigators with Kmart Corporation, and amassed over 2,000 successful internal investigations and thousands of external detentions. Mr. Anderson also developed and assisted with updating most of the policy and procedures concerning loss prevention and operations, including new hurricane procedures for the stores. He also assisted with developing a curriculum to enhance the training that was provided to many great loss prevention personnel, nine of whom were promoted to district managers.

Mr. Anderson’s success is directly related to his love for the industry. In 2007, he joined Mr. Nilsson as the CFO and Director of Investigations with NTA Investigations.

Mr. Anderson's contact info can be found here.

Heidi E. (Nilsson) Holdridge

Director of Communications, Investigator / Detective

Heidi (Nilsson) Holdridge is NTA Investigation’s Director of Communications and is NTA's most recent licensed private investigator/detective. Heidi earned her B.A. in English with a concentration in writing in 2016, and is currently working on a second B.A. in Criminal Justice.

Ms. Holdridge brings a strong research and analytical background to the NTA team. She was a Senior Loan Officer in the mortgage industry for 25 years, verifying the accuracy of information given to her by clients, and detecting fraudulent information, thereby minimizing the risk to her employer.

Most recently, Heidi has been working as a paralegal, conducting research and analyzing state and federal statutes, as well as trial and appellate court rules of procedure and evidence, and properly applying them in her assistance to a pro se litigant, by helping him write and respond to opposing counsel and the courts in complaints, motions, orders, and appeals. Her deep sense of justice and accountability for those who commit wrongful acts against innocent victims compels her to tackle an assignment with unparalleled passion.

Ms. Holdridge's contact info can be found here.